Brahmatal Trek

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All about the Brahmatal Trek.

A Snow covered Alpine lake shining like a pearl, nestled in the middle of the Great Himalayas at an elevation of 12,600ft isn’t just a sight but an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. This divine alpine lake is what gives the place its name, “Brahmatal” and the life-changing experience to witness this wonder is what’s called The Brahmatal Trek. 

A spell casting view of the famous beautiful peaks, ‘’Mt Trisul and Mt Nanda Gunti’’ resting peacefully under a white pristine blanket of snow is the reward you get once you reach the top. Camping beside a crystal clear Alpine lake under a star filled night sky is truly a surreal experience that every trekker lives for.

Although every winter trek is a delight, this one takes the cake as one of the most magnificent treks because of its special sights of frozen alpine lakes, dense oak forests and vast stretches of snow-covered meadows, making you realize the true meaning of beauty. Also, the walk on these narrow trails through dark, dense oak forests with snow hanging on the tired branches of these old treacherous trees is nothing short of a mystical experience for some. With very few visitors, Bhramtal also serves as an escape from all the noise of our daily life. 

You can anticipate cold air and snow on a mountain hike, especially in the winter. Winters in Brahmatal can be quite chilly. The range of the daytime average temperature is between 10 to 4 degrees Celsius. The average nighttime temperature in Brahmatal fluctuates from 2 degrees Celsius to minus 10 degrees Celsius. Although the temperature drops below zero degrees frequently due to the ample snowfall here, you can still be comfortable if you’re well prepared or if you chose to go with our team the ‘’Wild Hike Adventure’’ as we’ve been doing this for years now and with a team of experts who know the terrain like their homes you know you’re in good hands.

This trek is rated as being between easy to moderately challenging, as it’s a winter trek on a snow covered terrain, it does require some endurance to walk on snow, hence you should prepare in advance before you go for this trek.

With Lohajung serving as the base camp, the Brahmatal trek begins in Kathgodam and ends at Lohajung after 6 days of trekking through two beautiful alpine lakes, Brahmatal Pass and the famous Tilandi Top.

Mythological Significance

Uttarakhand is also famously known as ‘’Dev-Bhoomi’’, meaning the land of Gods. Hence, a lot of treks in the state have a significant place in the Hindu Mythology. ‘’Lord Brahma, the creator of the entire cosmos as per the hindu scriptures, meditated at the Brahmatal for several years thus giving it the name Brahmtal, meaning Brahma’s lake.

Also, the base camp named Lohajung is the setting for many mythical stories. According to local legend, this is where Goddess Parvati fought with the demon Lohasur, hence the name Lohajung. Also, trekking with the Wild Hike Adventure’s team you get to interact with the locals who have their own stories and myths to share, which I don’t think you’ll find even on the internet.

Brahmatal Through The Season

Between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius are the typical July highs. Because of the mild weather and plenty of sunshine, the surroundings are lush and green, and the trees are draped in leaves and blossoms. If you prefer hiking in a beautiful natural setting, summer is a great season to take this stroll.

The wintertime low is -5 degrees, and the air is bone-chillingly cold. Due to wind gusts, the temperature feels like -10 to -15 degrees. If you want some activity, winter is the greatest time to go. Winter is a great time to explore the area especially if you are a snow enthusiast, because it usually snows a lot during this time of the year and the old conifer trees look mesmerizing, with snow covered branches that look like huge arms trying to prevent the white blanket of snow from gently making its way to meet the mother earth after parting ways from the rivers and clouds.

Also, doing the trek in January, February and March is better if you like isolation on the trail as there aren’t many people due to the thick snow and chilling temperatures. Additionally the snow is better than in December.

If the Brahmatal temperatures in January and February are too harsh for you, you can go on the hike in November and December when the temperatures are more bearable and vary from minus 1 to minus 5 degrees Celsius.

Key things to know :

Start/ End Point of the Trek – Lohajung village

Duration – 6 Days/ 5 Nights

Kedarkantha Difficulty Level –  Easy To Moderate

Maximum Altitude – 12,250 ft

Temperature –  Day (2°C to 7°C) / Night – (-8°C to 1°C)

Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

Nearest Railway Station – Dehradun

Trekking Distance – 24 kms Approx

Trek Necessities  :

  1. A decent-quality windproof jacket (no flimsy wind cheaters, please!) preferred with a hood. Thermal inner clothing (upper and lower), a scarf, and a muffler.
  2. Wool socks, a wool cap, wool gloves, and ordinary socks (3-4 pairs),Rain cover.
  3. Comfy hiking or trekking shoes (Waterproof shoes with a thick sole are recommended)
  4. Lightweight slippers, sandals, and floaties
  5. A cap or hat to protect your face from the harsh sun.
  6. Polarized/UV-protective sunglasses, a trekking pole, and a walking stick
  7. Lip balm, sunscreen, a water bottle and a torch or flashlight (with extra batteries)
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Included in the Brahmatal Trek Package:

  • Guest house/homestay/camping accommodations
  •  Meals while trekking (Veg.)
  • Gear for hiking, such as a cozy sleeping bag, a firm mattress, a separate kitchen and dining tent, crampons, and utensils
  • All required entry fees and licenses
  • An oxygen tank, first-aid supplies, and a stretcher
  • Qualified professional trek leaders, guides, and support personnel.
  • Employee insurance.
  • All trek essentials included– Accommodation – tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats etc.
  • Safety equipment – microspikes, gaiters as per requirements and basic first aid kit with a portable oxygen cylinder.
  • Permit – forest and camping fee included.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

1.) The stated trek costs do not include the GST taxes (5%).

2.) Transportation – The trekkers must each pay their own portion of the transportation costs on days 1 and 6.

3.) After you reach the beginning site of your trek, you will not be eligible for a refund, rescheduling, or replacement of any services that you have not used due to “force majeure” or personal decision.

4.) The guest is responsible for paying any additional expenses brought on by modifications to government regulations relating to travel, expeditions, or COVID-19.

5.) Anything that is not listed as being included.

6.) Separate tents upon request will incur an additional fee (INR 1,500 per tent)
7.) Cost of Evacuation in case of an Emergency.

  1. Day 1 Dehradun to Lohajung (Our Base for the Trek)

    Drive Time: 10-11 hours; Elevation: 2300 meters; Distance Traveled: 250 km approx

    • Your transport will be waiting for you at Rishikesh Railway/Bus Station at 6 Am to pick you up.
    • Though it’s a long 230 km journey till Lohajung via RIshikesh, Devprayag, It’s filled with beautiful sceneries of the lush green valleys and occasional views of the river.
    • After the pleasant trip, arrive at Lohajung and register at our cozy Guest House.
    • We’ll introduce you to the team and your fellow trekkers.
    • Be prepared for a mouthwatering dinner with some local cuisines. 
    • Enjoy  the night under the beautiful night sky of the mythological land of Lohajung.
  2. Day 2 Lohajung to Bekaltal

    Trek Distance: 6 kilometers | Time Required: 4 to 5 Hours | Elevation: 3000m

    • After a wholesome breakfast, depart from the campsite in the direction of the brown lake Bekaltal.
    • After passing through a small settlement named Mandoli, you will walk through a dense conifer forest with brown Maple trees to the sound of Pine leaves crunching beneath your feet.
    • The key highlight of the trail is the magical Rhododendron forest which spreads from Lohajung to Bekaltal. Rhododendron is a beauty of its own with brightly colored flowers which bloom from late winter through to early summer and a twisted curvy bark spreading in all directions with beautiful red crowns.
    • After crossing through the thick oak forest we will cross a narrow wooden bridge to make our way into the scenic village Begum.
    • Once you get to Bekaltal, you’re welcomed by an enormously gorgeous  lake. 
    • Take some time to stroll around the intriguing lake to soak in its beauty.
    • Acclimatization Walk and other engagement activities around the campsite.
    • We’ll set up camp a little distance from the lake and call it a day. Enjoy the inimitable view of the cosmic sky before dozing off.
  3. Day 3 Trek from Bekaltal to Brahmatal

    Distance: 7 kilometers | Total time: 4 to 5 hours | Elevation: 3230 meters

    • After enjoying a mesmerizing Sunrise and your delicious local breakfast at the beautiful brown lake, we start trekking to the divine Brahmatal lake.
    • Enjoy the grandeur of the green meadows and snow-lined paths that line your route.
    • Be prepared to lose your breath at the sight of the majestic snow-capped Himalayan peaks of Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti.Take in the magical panoramic view of these  glorious arc-shaped snow-capped mountains.
    • You also get to see a bird’s eye view of the entire trek leading to Roopkund, once you are about to teach the Brahmatal Lake.
    • When you arrive at the campsite, enjoy a stroll around the beautiful lake or even mediate for some time as lord Brahma did according to the local belief. celebrate the end of the day with a delicious dinner before retiring to your tent for the night on the bank of this magical lake. Temperature here at night can fall below minus 5, so be sure to pack accordingly.
  4. Day 4 Trek from Brahmatal to Jhandi Top via Brahmatal Pass

    Trekking distance: 3-4 km;  Time required: 3-4 hours;  Elevation: 2850 m

    • From the Brahmatal Lake the trail slowly retreats down into the valley. It takes about 3 hours to reach the Brahmatal Pass or the peak.
    • The view from the peak is magnificent. You get to witness the surreal beauty of the giant peaks like Nanda Ghunti, Mt. Trishul, Neelkanth and Hathi Ghoda Parvat.
    • Enjoy a hearty meal of famous local cuisine before retiring to your tents to enjoy a well deserved sleep.
  5. Day 5 Descending from Brahamatal to Lohajung

    Trekking distance: 3-4 km;  Time required: 3-4 hours;  Elevation: 2850 m

    • Enjoy the tasty breakfast served at the base camp.
    • It’s a short walk of about 3 hours on a narrow trail passing through a few beautiful streams while descending back to Lohajung.
    • Prepare to hear some fascinating local tales as you descend to Sankri village from your guide.
    • When you reach the tiny settlement of Lohajung, meet your buddies for a cup of coffee and share your hiking experiences.
    • Stay one more night at our cozy guesthouse at Lohajung, before we leave for Rishikesh the next day.
  6. Day 6 Return to Rishikesh

    Trekking distance: 3-4 km;  Time required: 3-4 hours;  Elevation: 2850 m

    • This is our last day of the Adventure.
    • Either we can drive you to rishikesh or if you would like you can arrange for your own transport as well. It’s a bit of a long road journey of about 8 to 9 hours which may vary based on the traffic conditions. You do get to enjoy the beautiful mountains from your window though.
    • Expected Time of arrival 8 PM


  • If a cancellation is made 15 days before the scheduled departure date, we will provide you with a full refund.
  • If a cancellation is made within 15 days from the departure date, then we would not be able to provide you with any refund.
  • You have the option of changing the dates before 20 days of departure in case a need arises.
  • What is the length of the Brahmatal Trek?

The Trek is a planned 6-day, 5-night journey. Over the course of three days, you hike around 18 kilometers; the remaining two days are spent traveling to Lohajung and departing for Dehradun, respectively.

  • What is the best time for a Brahmatal trek?

Brahmatal trekking can be done most of the year, but the best time is between November to April when the trails are submerged under a blanket of snow and the snow-covered alpines look beautiful! June to September are months to be avoided for trekking because it rains very heavily and walking gets difficult.

  • Will I find snow on Brahmatal Trek?

Yes, the Brahmatal Trek is a winter trek and during the months of late Nov. to February, you will encounter soft fresh snow.

  • What kind of food will be provided during the Brahmatal trek?

You will be given appropriate vegetarian meals while on the Brahmatal hike. We will give you a variety of seasonal local foods while keeping in mind the availability of supplies in the mountainous areas.

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